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Interior Decorating Services For Your New Home In Greater Noida

Interior decoration in greater noida

Decorate your new home with the best ideas possible. Our mission as interior decorators in Greater Noida is to design individualised living spaces with the highest decorative standards that add even more beauty and elegance to the home. Get the highest quality of service and get the custom home furnishings, fabrics, and colours that are elegant yet assiduous with warm tones, adding gorgeous interior design and a fantastic combination with the furnishings and designs of the home that have top-notch designs. Our best interior decorators and designers in Greater Noida can turn a piece of architectural beauty into a work of art.

Our 4 Step Design Process

design ideas

Synchronize Ideas

Individuals who approach us have a vivid imagination of how their apartment should look. We listen intently so that we get to discuss interior design ideas that suit your tastes and interest you.

Plans & Budget

2. Plans & Budget

Our Interior Design team works hard to create an indulgence of the lovely art you've given to us. We apply efficiency and attention to every stage of the process, giving you a bird's-eye view the entire time.

Custom Designs

3. Custom Designs

At Real Space Designs, we aim to create and design an experience where your happiness longs to thrive. We design spaces to be equipped with details that indulge a greater sense of well-being and belonging.


4. Execution

Our Interior Design team finds the best craft materials and accessories for your priceless space. We make sure that our installations are consistent so that we can expand on the original idea based on what we've talked about.

Our Projects

We do all kinds of projects that are ready to go.

  • All types Flooring
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Furniture
  • Design & Build – Commercial Building
  • Floor design & build, creation of workstation
  • Interior Tiles, Pavers, Granite and Marble Fixing.
  • Architects, Civil Work

Our Trusted Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

From the designing team, stencils, blueprints, ideas, to the execution of the work, every single thing is important in order to convert a space into a beautiful masterpiece. And Latest Interiors has them all!

Real Space Interior is the best interior design company in Greater Noida. It has a team of expert designers who understand the thoughts, feelings, and ideas behind people’s minds and can meet all of their needs. Customer satisfaction is our first and most important goal, and we work hard to reach it. Real Space Interior is a company that knows how to decorate homes, offices, buildings, cafes, and many other places in a wide range of styles. Whether you want something modern, minimalist, maximalist, industrial, monochromatic, or something else, we can do it all. You can get a small part of the place redecorated or change the texture of the whole house, and Real Space Interior will help you with its best and most attentive team.

If you have purchased an old house or are thinking of finally having an overdue renovating session for your old house, then you should keep in mind some details that will help you give a start:

  • First thing is preparing the list. Start making a list of the kinds of things you would like to remove, change, or keep. This will give you an idea about the places that will need work and the things that you can still use.
  • Check the pipelines, gas systems, and other connections of the old house. These are the main problems people face when there hasn’t been an inhabitant for a long time in the house.
  • Paint the house in the colour you like and also check the flooring. If you like you can decorate with carpets or rugs or you can use many different flooring textures matching your decor.
  • Check the lighting of the house and replace the old ones with new light fixtures. You can also install automatic lights for good measure.